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Completing My Journey to 100

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Written by  | Published in: Personal stories

by Jim W

I kept putting this task further down on my never-ending To Do List, but now 7 days before Christmas, it has moved to a mission critical slot. When I was younger, multi-tasking was second nature.

As one nears the three-quarters-of-a-century mark, it is so easy to talk about aches, pains, operations, and tribulations –these harpies control much attention and remind one that time is limited and fleeting. Since I plan to live to 100 or more, I will chose to focus on the good and happy aspects of life that will give me a resolve to complete this journey.


 Each day I look forward to learning and to increasing my capacity to understand. To that end, I refuse to limit my reading subjects. I have enrolled in an online German Language program and when that is finished, I hope to take advantage of my Alma Mater's gift to its 50-year graduates of one free course per semester. Latin is my first choice because I want to read and understand the medieval documents I study as exemplars for my calligraphy hobby. Pilgrimages to libraries in the United States and Europe that house the originals are an adjunct to that study. Give me a parliamentary law conundrum in the morning to chew on and I will be happy as a puppy with a new rag toy.



My sons have expressed concern over the voyages by car that I continue to take around the United States. So long as I have to travel to serve parliamentary clients at their conventions, board meetings, and membership events; I might as well enjoy and learn from the journey. As Diana Shore sang, "See the USA in your Chevrolet." You sure can't experience much about the landscape between home and there flying in the clouds. To be fair, there is a basis for their worry. Two summers ago on the way home from Kansas City, I hit a slick spot on a minor highway and flipped my car three time and landed upside-down in a corn field. I had a few scratches from the broken glass and totaled the car, but other than that, I was fine.

I have five grandchildren and anticipate talking with great-grandchildren within the next twenty-five years. During that time, my grandchildren have so much more they need to teach me.

During the quiet moments of this holiday season, I will contemplate other reasons to complete my journey to 100.

May you find joy in changing seasons, peace in understanding details, and solid rest when your head touches the pillow.

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