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An Independent Member's Love -- Of Classical Music

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Now aged 83, I’ve looked to see where my interest in classical music began. There are no family related musicians and unfortunately, my school did not teach music, so probably its most likely the interest developed out of early curiosity about space and astronomy, partly resulting from my childhoods Saturday afternoons at the movie theatre, almost glued to the seat when “Flash Gordon” the weekly serial appeared on the screen, with a sound track of classical music. I did not know the music’s composer, but I set about finding out by attentive radio listening to “serious” music in the late 1930s to discover it was the Franz Liszt, Les Preludes, one of the composer’s symphonic poems.


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Years later I purchased the composition, it was the beginning of my classical music collection. Later, I began attending orchestral performances by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – sitting in the cheaper choir stalls behind the orchestra – no better position to occasionally see great conductors inspire an orchestra to a performance never to be forgotten. Over the years, dozens of old 78s and LPs have been replaced by over twelve hundred CDs and the recent Super Audio Compact Discs. Of late, a visual image added to the sound spectrum brings a live concert into the home, so while over four hundred DVDs and Blue-ray discs were added; amplifiers and surround speakers were updated and from middle 1980s to the present, I can seat up to 10 friends, gay or straight, to sit quietly and enjoy the best there is available, so musically interested Prime Timers living around South East Melbourne are welcome to make contact and join our well established “MUSO-ARVO” held on random dates.

I’m often requested to review discs purchased; you may read some at, http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/userReviews.jsp?user_id=214243

I guess some composers are gay, so I’ve been asked, “Who is your favourite composer and which is gay?” My reply is simple, “How do you differentiate between the genius of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Mahler, Shostakovich - and many others, like Copland, Harris, Ives, Bernstein, the list goes on. As for which is gay, it is not their sexuality that’s significant, it’s their art, left as a gift to the world, great music lasts forever, sexual preference is not significant.

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Luke Bryant

Retired, following 20 years at Monash University, Dept. of Physics as Head of Photographic Laboratory from 1962 to the end of 1982 – to become openly involved with Gay/Lesbian issues in Law Enforcement, particularly those of Gay/Lesbian Victoria Police Officers.

I'm also a member of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation,  formed  to perpetuate the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty. This is achieved through fund raising with money going to specialized medical facilities in Victorian public hospitals. 

To date, the Blue Ribbon Foundation has allocated more than $3 million to community projects that give specialized treatment and medical care to over 65,000 patients each year.

* See: Articles in Prime Timers, "ACCEPTANCE - NOT TOLERANCE AND HATE-CRIMES"  Pages 10 & 11, February 2012 and "TIMES PAST" Pages 10 & 11,  August 2012. 

Much of my history and photos can be found throughout my website on Yahoo “flickr”.  See below.

Website: www.flickr.com/photos/rlukebryant/


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