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How to use the discussion forums

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Written by  | Published in: PTWW website features & tips

The PTWW website offers a place where members and visitors alike can get together to discuss a range of gay and organizational topics.  These discussion forums connect Prime Timers from all over the world in a virtual community to get to know, support, and enrich each other's lives.  For instance, are you planning to attend the upcoming convention and need a roommate?  The "Worldwide convention" discussion area is just the place for that.  Need to know more about regional Prime Timers events?  Post your questions in that discussion forum.   

Discussion areas include the following: 

  • General discussion
  • Regional Events
  • Travel opportunities
  • Worldwide convention
  • Gay related events
  • PTWW organization
  • Website questions & suggestions

To participate in the discussion forums, first create a login account via "Create account" menu option at the bottom of the PTWW website.  Once you create an account, an e-mail will be sent to confirm your identity.  Click the link inside this e-mail to confirm.

Next, login to the PTWW website via the "Login" link at the bottom of the website or the "lock" picture at the top of the topic.  Then choose the discussion forum that you wish to view/participate via the "Community" menu at the top.  It's that easy!  

You can read existing topics by simply clicking its title.  To post a new topic/question, click the [+ New Topic] button.  If someone responds to your topic in the future, you will receive an e-mail notice.

If you have any questions about using the PTWW discussion forums, please let me know!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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