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Relevance Committee: 2nd Article

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Hello Again! This is my second article from the Relevance Committee; my first was in the last Worldwide Newsletter. If you haven't read it, please do. The first thing we did was redefine "prime" and "mature." For any newcomers let me introduce myself again, I am the President of the Palm Beaches Prime Timers Chapter, a Director-at-Large on the Worldwide Board, in charge of the Relevance Committee for the Worldwide Board, and the Chapter Advocate to Worldwide Board for 24 chapters located mostly in the Eastern and Central Time Zones.

One of the issues brought up by the Worldwide Board and many chapters is the need to attract new and younger members. Without a consistent recruitment strategy, our membership continues to get older and our numbers will simply dwinde. The goal of the Relevance Committee is to publicize our great organization and make the Prime Timers relevant and appealing to a larger group of gay and bisexual men, including younger men too. There is NO age requirement other than being over 21. We want Woody Baldwin's legacy to live on forever and many of us use his bequest to promote his vision.

So for each issue, I will publish some suggestions to that end, most of which I have gathered from our chapters. Also, I want to encourage everyone to submit their successful suggestions stories to me so I can share them. The biggest reaction we always get, especially when we have a table at Palm Beaches PrideFest and pass out flyers is "We never knew an organization like yours existed." It is our biggest membership drive. Most LGBT centers have numerous youth programs but we are one of the very few organizations that exist for non-youths, or better put, "mature" gay and bisexual men. Let's Promote, Promote, Promote!!! Here are some suggestions:

* Advertise in local gay newspapers and magazines (we paid to have a professional ad composed).

* Meet or partner with your local LGBT Community Centers and Organizations and their events.

* Hold a joint event with them: a dance, picnic, casino trip, pride parade, gay athletic league, or speaker.

* Throw an open-to-all event (guest bartender or pizza party) at one or more local gay bars.

* Have a "cake sale" or take a table or booth at someone else's cake sale, craft show, or art sale.

* Have a joint event with your local bear or leather men's groups. Partnering with BBQ and pool parties will definitely be more fun.

* Contact your local SAGE group, Council on Aging (federally funded), Chamber of Commerce, etc.

I hope I piqued your creative juices. Please try some of these. Let me know what twists you might have tried. Do let me know too what types of things your chapter has been doing to promote Prime Timers. Share your suggestions and successes. Send me your ideas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will gladly give credit to the submitting chapter. We are all in this together; let's help each other out to succeed.

Get our mission statement and tag line out there:

"The Prime Timers is a worldwide social and fraternal organization bringing together Mature Gay and Bisexual Men for friendship, activities, support, and personal growth... for the Best Times of our Lives."

Have a Prime Time Day!

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Vinnie Prim

I am a member of the Prime Timer of the Palm Beaches (Florida) and also participate in the events offered by the Prime Timers of Fort Lauderdale.


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