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The Importance of Staying In-Touch and Up-To-Date

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Each year when we send out our reminders of annual chapter dues, we ask that you send us a CIS. (Chapter Information Sheet). The Worldwide Secretary and board keeps a database of information for each chapter. As soon as we receive this, we post the updated results. We realize that this often arrives at the start of the year when new boards are newly elected and, quite often, never gets completed or sent-in.

Several times this year, I needed to get in-touch with board members in some of our chapters and it was hit-and-miss. More often "miss". It took lots of calling around to get the numbers or email addresses of current board members.

When our founder Woody Baldwin passed away on April 21st, he stipulated in his will to set aside a sum of money to be given to each chapter "in good standing" on the day of his passing. He stated that Prime Timers was a very important part of his life and he wanted to benefit the chapters. The executor contacted us for information.

"In good standing" means that dues payments were up-to-date and the chapter was current. Sadly, in mid-September, that was not entirely true. Our board has been contacting those chapters to settle this issue. The other issue is that our database that we furnished the executor was often incorrect. So, with lots of phone calls and emails (and returned checks), we're now down to only one. The moral of this story is the importance of keeping your information up-to-date with us. We all celebrate and give thanks to the beauty and generosity of the gift that Woody had bestowed upon us. We need to keep him in our hearts and minds.

pdfThe Chapter Information Sheet is posted here, so take a minute to download and fill it out, then return to our Secretary at:

Richard Tobiason, Secretary
Prime Timers Worldwide
1231 Kirts Blvd., Unit D
Troy MI 48084-4864


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