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From A Monday Morning Quarterback: Caring And Commitment

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This year, I celebrate my 15th year on the Board of Prime Timers Worldwide. It is the first time in two years that I am not in the position of being one of the officers on the board. I love it! I can now stretch and sit back and observe from a safe distance all there is to see. What I see is a clear picture of how we operate as an organization and what it is we still need to do to continue to grow.

Our first focus must always be our members and our interaction and work with them. We need to continually ask ourselves, "Are we providing them with what they came to get?" This focal point continues to change as society and the world around us continues to change. It is paramount that we change along with those external changes. We need to evolve together and move forward!

In recent months, I've worked with several boards (chapter and worldwide) and what I see distresses me. Although always knowing that all of us are volunteers, what level of commitment do we have? I hate the fact that I even need to question that. I see board members that take way too much in their stride. I say to you directly, "You wanted to serve your chapter (or worldwide) on their board! Put your commitment ahead of things and let go of petty, self-centered complaining. Do your best to attend the few required meetings and when you participate, ask yourself: is this in the best interest of Prime Timers?" We can all learn to live together.

There are so many talented men out there who have so much to offer. Put it out there and listen to and respect what others say and have to offer. Don't be so quick to judge nor too quick to make snap decisions. What we need is a training ground, starting in each chapter and moving all the way up to the worldwide board. I love to be surprised when I see individuals surface because what each offers becomes a part of the whole and contributes to the future of the organization. Stand up and be counted!

I keep hearing that we need to recruit younger men as members. Yes and no! While it's true many of our old timers have passed on or are growing much older, we will always be an organization that started to support men in their senior years. We do the best we can to attract men of all ages. Our society has grown to be so much more accepting of who we are. As a result we're better able to mix in with other groups. However, there will always be that special need for the organization that we continue to be and the men we serve.. As I travel around, I'm always surprised to meet members in their twenties and thirties who are active members. There is a healthy balance of ages in our membership. I thank and salute all of you to continue to work and care about Prime Timers.'

Lastly, don't be afraid to step up and serve. I've had to step in on too many occasions to work with chapter boards who could not find men to fill board positions. I tell you this (to the best of my knowledge) that no one ever died from stepping out and going out on a limb to serve a position. Nothing lasts forever. There are times we find it exhausting to serve. My past two years presiding over our organization was exhausting. But I can step back and realize all the accomplishments we made and how we streamlined so many things that will serve us for years to come. So, I thank you not only for the work you've done but for the work you will be doing in the future of Prime Timers.

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