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George's Poetry Page

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I love my man for his masculinity,

And I love my man for his intensity;

His sensitive and caring words,

Spoken in love and sincerity;

Are like music to my ears,

And provide beauty in my heart.

Tender kisses, a peck here and there,

Are delightful, warm and loving.

Paul, my darling, I have never,

And I truly mean never,

Found a lover as sweet, as caring,

As you, the only man I adore.

Without you nearby, my heart is quiet;

Beating softly, not like in your arms,

Holding me, caressing me, your love,

Apparent, caring, adoring, enormous,

Provides a warmth I had never known.

Falling in love made so easy,

All because of your love for me


Only a man can make me shake.

I'm at his mercy; his will.

Delicious, his kiss, the first;

I've lost words, speechless.

Each heavenly kiss gives me bliss.

I strip, naked before him. Have me!


His eyes met mine,

I smiled, he missed it;

Alas, I'm thinking...again.

Seems too hard to take.

On another day, I think;

He'll notice, we'll chat.

Handsome, sexy, smart;

One day, please be mine.


A man who comforted me,

His grace, so delighted me,

We sat and discussed the day.

Holding hands, sweet kisses always.

Departed, now, I reminisce,

His welcoming arms so delightful,

Each kiss a treasure to me.

I loved him so long, alas, he's gone.


Had I never seen a man so beautiful?

Hazel eyes simply mesmerized,

Watching him stride, a soft gate,

His swagger had me gaping,

How can he be so luscious?

My heart was leap in -- he is IT!

I'm still watching, waiting on nerves.


Girls had said hello.

Boys turned their heads.

Handsome, on that side,

Sturdy, strong, inviting.

I found my yearning.

His torso, slightly leaning.

He seemed so strong,

My weakness was gone


So long ago, I wondered.

Why do they attract me so?

Is it the torso that I spy?

Or am I looking at this guy

In thoughts never known?

Could I be the one for you?

Please, show me love, the right way.

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George Akerley

I'll have something more to say soon - once I can determine what it is that I want to say. At this point, suffice to say that I'm gay. I've just posted information concerning my business, Word of Excellence. It is an editing/writing/proofreading business that sprang up in 2007. I have an extensive background in writing and editing. I'd be pleased to correspond with anyone who's interested as we enjoy these latter years. I am located in Connecticut. You can see some of my writing here, as I will be submitting what I hope will be beneficial articles, stories, etc. for my fellow Prime Timers.

By way of introduction, I recognized that I was gay at about age 50, but it's been a struggle to deal with it, as many of you may know. I've only come out to a fairly small circle of friends, and it's still a process for me. I've dated and fallen in love with one man, and I love the romance. I'm 65 now and I am proud to acknowledge my true sexuality.

Coming out isn't easy, as we all know; but at some point we have to take control of ourselves and let others know who we truly are. It's been a struggle for me for a variety of reasons, but I'm proud that I'm gay and glad to say that I finally accepted it.



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