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I See Red

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While red has traditionally been associated with danger in the Western world, for the month of February 2018, it means two major celebrations. First up is Valentine's Day on the 14th. The best known origin of this day is based on Valentine, a Roman priest who lived during the third century. When emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage because he felt that single men made better soldiers than married ones, Valentine defied the emperor's decree and continued to perform marriages in secret. When he was found out, Valentine was put to death and his name is celebrated for love and romance to this day.

For all you singles out there though, it doesn't feel like a day of celebration. But why not do something good or fun just for you? Pamper yourself. Set a goal for that day to do something you enjoy. Or do it with your single friends. Better yet, with your Prime Timers single friends. Show some love and appreciation for each other.

On the 16th, it's Chinese New Year. Unlike Valentine's Day and many other celebrations, it is a moveable day each year as it is based on the lunar calendar. It is a major celebration for the Chinese, and traditionally, every Chinese is expected to return to their hometown to visit their families and pay respect to their parents and senior relatives. The actual celebration occurs on the day before as the immediate family members gather for the evening feast. During this period, there are lots of food, lots of noise with the lighting of firecrackers, and lots of entertainment with the traditional lion dances. Kids receive "red packets" stuffed with money inside from their relatives. Each Chinese year is associated with one of the 12 animals of the zodiac signs, and this year is the year of the dog.

So if you are still feeling down 2 days after Valentine's Day, why not help celebrate Chinese New Year by eating some Chinese food and maybe adopt a dog to show your love!

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