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Introducing: Vinnie Primerano

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I am Vinnie Primerano, one of the newly elected Directors-at-Large on the Prime Timers Worldwide Board of Directors. I am so looking forward to working with such a distinguished, some-experienced and some-new Directors on this current Board. From the three Board meetings we have had so far, I can tell we are going to take the Prime Timers organization to new highs and transform it into an all-encompassing group of gay and bisexual men. The new Board instantly bonded and became fast friends. Many of you may know me already because each Director-at-Large was assigned as Worldwide Board Liaisons to 25 Chapters. My region, with some exceptions, is a backward "C" that extends from New Orleans to Florida, up the east coast to Ontario, Canada, and west to Wisconsin. I am also the Chairman of the Relevance Committee tasked with making the Prime Timers relevant to new and younger members.

 Currently, I am the President of the Palm Beaches Prime Timers in Florida, one of the several Chapters the Prime Timers have in the State of Florida. This is a fairly young Chapter which began in 2012 and quickly rose to over 100 members. Not having known anything about the Prime Timers organization before, I was fortunately introduced to it by a manager in Compass, the LGBT Community Center of the Palm Beaches, and joined in 2013. I was soon appointed to the Board, ascended to Vice President, and then to President in 2015. I have been re-elected twice to Palm Beaches Board of Directors and to the position of President. Now in 2017, I have the honor of having been elected to the Prime Timers Worldwide Board.


Many attribute this to my overt enthusiasm about the Prime Timers as a fraternal and social organization providing support and friendship to Mature Gay and Bisexual Men who may be new to the Palm Beaches or the South Florida area, singles and couples looking to make new friends, men who are recently out, divorced (gay or straight), widowed, and many men who just never knew that an organization like the Prime Timers existed. We are very active with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, stage shows, nature walks, art exhibits, casinos, etc. Compass in the City of Lake Worth, Florida, does throw one of the largest PrideFest 2-day events in the country. This year, it will be the weekend of March 24-25. The Pride parade on Sunday not only has the support but also the participation of our City, County, State, and Federal officials. Yes, we are so fortunate that our United States Congresswoman doesn't miss a Compass LGBT or Pride event.

As for me personally, I was born and raised in Bronx, New York. I graduated Michael Saint Michael Academy, a college preparatory school for boys, and went on to Iona College's Business Administration Program, majoring in Accounting. I was hired as a Senior Auditor in International Operations for The Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan Chase Bank) on Wall Street in New York City with whom I spent my whole career. Within my first year, I was promoted to the Supervisor over the International Auditing staff. After five years, I was transferred to a supervisory position in International Operations. After undergoing several of the Chase Bank Management Training Programs, I was promoted to Manager of various International Check Operations. Through Chase, I became both a Certified Cash Manager and Certified Treasury Professional (basically the same as a Certified Public Account but specializing in Bank Cash Management Products). After I took an early retirement from Chase, I was hired by the New York Institute of Finance as an instructor. I am also a published non-fiction author and much of my present time is spent with writing another book. Finally, in 2013, my husband Tony and I moved to Lake Worth in Palm Beach County, Florida. This was the best move we've ever made. Because of our introduction to the Palm Beaches Prime Timers, we now have so many wonderful friends and feel we are living in one of the best places and periods of our lives.


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Last modified on Saturday, 10 February 2018 13:36
Vinnie Prim

I am a member of the Prime Timer of the Palm Beaches (Florida) and also participate in the events offered by the Prime Timers of Fort Lauderdale.


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