"Nooga" Prime Timers Welcome!

Chattanooga Primer Timers is the newest chapter of Prime Timers Worldwide. Founded in September 2014, it offers mature gay and bisexual men and their friends opportunities to socialize, meet others, and enrich their lives through friendships and participation in educational and recreational activities in the Greater Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Events include pool parties, ball games, train trips, pot lucks at member's homes, once a month dining out, day trips to local points of interest including historical sites, game nights and special outings. Prime Timers is the perfect way to share with each other. If you enjoy all these, then Prime Timers is right for you.

20150410 194254 2"Nooga" Prime Timers is a proud member of Prime Timers Worldwide, (http://www.primetimersww.com) an organization that boasts more than 80 chapters throughout the world. This chapter now boasts over 20 members with as many visitors attending on a monthly basis.

Joining means meeting new people, making and renewing friendships, learning from other members, and enjoying the talents others possess.

Chattanooga Prime Timers is a chapter of Primer Timers Worldwide. While we are not a political organization, we are concerned with society as it affects the aging gay and bisexual population. As our organization grows, we will be seeking answers to the needs and problems of maturing gay and bisexual men.

We seek to make new friends, and have fun. Feel free to call and say hello!

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