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 Prime Timers of Central Florida
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    A Social Organization for Mature Gay and Bi-Sexual Men and Their  Admirers, Be They Younger or Older.......

Prime Timers of Central Florida
P.O. Box 547003
Orlando, FL  32854-7003
(321) 230-7345


Prime Timers is a social organization for mature gay and bi-sexual men, (50 and older), and those men, (21 and older), who enjoy their company. There are many Prime Timer Chapters worldwide. The local Chapter was organized in 1995.

If you are an older gay or bisexual man, finding your own entertainment, perhaps resulted in one or two choices; going to the bars (which is uncomfortable to many older men) or sitting home and watching TV night after night.

Now, all that has changed with Prime Timers of Central Florida. Now there is an organization dedicated to making life just as exciting for the middle-aged and older gay and bi-sexual man as it is for younger ones. A Board of dedicated members work constantly to find enjoyable experiences for the members, make the arrangements, negotiate the best price, and best of all, provide a membership of men with similar interests with whom to enjoy the varied events.

Such activities may include, for example, pot-luck dinners, dining out, theatre outings, trips, picnics, card games, etc. A General meeting is held each month for socializing, enjoying a light meal and listening to a program on an interesting and relevant subject.

A monthly Newsletter and Calendar tells of the upcoming events. A membership roster lists all persons who choose to be listed, giving their special interests. This is to encourage one-on-one meetings to supplement club activities.

If you choose to join, there is no pressure to "come out". Your privacy and anonymity is studiously protected to the extent you wish. It is not even necessary to use your correct name; you are in complete control as to how much is known about you.

And would you believe that all these priviledges are yours for only $25.00 a year, ($50.00 for a couple)? This money covers the club expenses for the year.

Each event is financially self supporting. A $4.00 fee is charged at the General Meeting for the use of the room and food. Guests are welcome to attend two functions, after which they are expected to join.

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